Saturday, October 24, 2009

Vignette Party

Donna at Funky Junks Interior is having a Saturday Night Linky Party and I’m linking up.  This party is all about vignettes so I’ll be showing you a few of my favorites. 

I’ll start with the kitchen.    I recently started collecting ironstone, especially pitchers. 


Just got this little lamp at an auction last night and once I get a lamp shade for it I will display that on the table to add a little more lighting there.   Oh that’s Duncan in the pic too.  


The kitchen table.  020

The dinning room.025 - Copy



The mantel in the family room.  045 - Copy

My desk. 

033 - Copy (2)

The top of one of my book cases in my office.038

Upstairs hallway.007 

My sewing room.002

That is “Becka” sitting in the rocking chair.  Becka is an old rag doll that my daughter was so attached to.  Becka is 20-years-old!

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. what a beautiful home! Love that ironstone collection!

  2. Beautiful vignettes, Gail. I particularly love your mantel display. It's very striking! Have fun linking.

  3. I just adore ironstone. And everyone keeps buying the goodies I'm suppose to find. lol. Love all your vignettes. My favorite is your mantel.

  4. Stunning home is right! The dining room and mantel are kapow! Love the ironstone collection too.

    Lovely home! Thanks for linking up to the party!

    Funky Junk Donna

  5. Oh, you know I love your ironstone. And you table setting and buffet/foyer table are gorgeous. You have a wonderful eye for arranging.

  6. beautiful home. Love the table setting.

  7. sooo pretty!! I love all the hits of black - very classic!

  8. How lovely all of your vignettes are.
    Your home is gorgeous.

  9. Love your table! I want you to come fix mine up for Thanksgiving! :)

  10. You are doing really great. I am laughing because my DH and I brought home about 20 samples of Vinyl Tiles and have been comparing them all day. It's so difficult to determine what to go with. I like the color you've chosen. We are matching up to a wood floor too with carpeting, as well in the great room. I also have the same light fixture. Are you sure you aren't living in my house?

  11. enjoyed looking at all your vingettes!! My daughter also had a doll like that one only she was called anabelle. I think she still has it too!


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