Thursday, October 7, 2010

Our Friendly Little Ghost Tree

As a Grandma, I love spending time with my grandsons and one of many things I enjoy doing with them is fun crafty projects.    When Brandy @ The Moody Fashionista created little ghost friends by using leaves,  I knew this would be a fun craft project to do with them.   I took it one step further and we created a friendly ghost tree using leaves.  

010 - Copy

The making of our little friendly ghost tree started with a hunt in the woods to find the perfect tree branch.  It was a beautiful fall day to be in the woods. 


The boys were prepared, they took their  toy Black ' n Decker chain saw and their John Deer weed whacker just in case we should need it.   


We finally found our tree branch!  The boys loved exploring the woods.  We found deer tracks and lots of acorns.  


With their painting shirts on, the boys painted  all the leaves white while


Grandma spray painted the tree branch and the string of lights black.

001 - Copy

We hot glued the wiggly eyes on the leaves.  We then assembled our little friendly ghost tree by adding the string of lights, attaching our little ghost friends with tree hooks, added some orange tie bows  and used fishing line as garland. 

011 - Copy

Our Little Friendly Ghost Tree all lit up.

009 - Copy


They both were so excited and loved working on this little craft project with Grandma. 

004 - Copy

It was such a fun crafty project to do on a cool fall day.  I love being a Grandma! 



  1. Cute tree and even cuter little boys!!!

  2. Gail, What a cute and creative fall project. Your tree is so adorable..... but not nearly as adorable as your darling grandbabies!

  3. That is very clever and what fun for the kiddos! I am just seeing all these branches popping up and I'm going to have to get one. My hubby will really think I flew the coop if he walks in & sees a branch painted & sticking out of an urn! =0) But I think it looks so nice- ahh well, just another quirk he'll have to put up with!

  4. That is so darn cute!!! My kind of ghosts! Thanks so much for planting your creative seeds at Plant a Punkin Seed Party.

    Punkin Seed Productions

  5. That's adorable and your grandsons look so proud!! :)

  6. looove it! great for kids. and the grandkids are toooo cute!


  7. Gail - I love this! I swore I would not make anything else for fall, You must have had so much fun. I have made some fun things with the kids too. I even got in the spirit and made a grown up art project out of a tree branch and hung my vintage found objects from it. I can't believe I love a tree branch so much! lol It's on my blog under holiday decor if you get a chance, stop by. Take care.

  8. The boys did a great job with that paint. Love the tree.

  9. Gail,
    My daugther, Addie, and I got all crafty today and made your "ghost tree". She loved painting the leaves white! I just realized that I didn't put lights on the tree....I may have to do that, but it looks pretty darn cute even now! Another mommy in my play group did it with her two little boys too. Thanks for the great idea! You are too talented!

  10. I just blogged about it, so check it out Gail...

  11. You must be an awesome Grandma! I love this!

    I'm going to include it in my Links I Like post tomorrow!

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