Monday, June 17, 2013

How I Transformed Some Yard Sale Finds

     A few weeks ago, I bought a few things at a yard sale that I thought had some potential, such as this little storage cabinet with drawers. 


I painted the base of the cabinet black and the three little drawers fronts white.  I stenciled the number 1, 2 and 3 on each drawer front since the drawers looked kind of plain.


I say it’s not a bad little transformation considering it took me hardly any time at all…..I love transformations like that! 

I think some of us can remember these toilet paper holders being popular back in the day (80’s early 90’s).  At one time they were all the rage at craft shows. 


With a little bit of paint and some creativity it now looks like this…..


Before I painted it, I added a textured wallpaper to the front door.   I then painted it, distressed it in a few areas and applied a dark wax to it. 


I already took it to my booth and at first I wasn’t quite sure if it would sell but guess what….it sold the very next day!   You just never know do you!

I didn’t take pictures of this process (I’m sorry) but imagine if you will, white bird cages and a pair of oil bronzed candle pillars holders because those finds are what I used to make these out of…..


I spray painted the candle pillar holders white and applied a dark wax to them.  I also used the dark wax on the white bird cages to give them that aged look as well.   I used E6000 adhesive glue and attached the bird cages to the candle pillar holders.  


I love it when I find little things like these and give them a whole new look.   

As always, thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful week. 


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  1. Love the bird cage pieces Gail.

  2. OH My how creative with the paper on the front.No wonder it sold.
    The bird cages, as well Oh MY!!

  3. Oh I love it! What a great look for the birdcages! Yes, I love easy makeovers, especially yours!

  4. I'd never recognize them! Great job, Gail.

  5. Hello Gail,
    These birdcages are super cute. Happy to have you at my party this week.


  6. I will never look at pillar candleholders and birdcages the same way ever again, Gail! : ) They turned out great and what a great idea to put them together like that. You can bet I'll be looking for these things at Goodwill and garage sales now. Love the drawer piece. It's funny that your makeover makes the hardware look like it was made for the black and white look, where before it looks a bit out of place. Nice finds and great makeovers!

  7. Very beautiful, as always!!

  8. How beautiful Gail! Just love your transformations!

  9. Love your transformations, Gail, especially the first one with the numbers on the drawers. I am envious that you have a booth. It must be fun fixing things up for it.

  10. Love your projects Gail. I really like what you did with the candle sticks and the bird cute.


  11. Those are wonderful transformations, my dear Gail. I love them all, they look very different from the original. I'm not surprised that you sell out of inventory quickly, you are very clever, creative and talented.
    Hugs, Cindy

  12. Beautiful projects! You are always so creative!

  13. These transformations are incredible. You have so much creative talent. Thanks for sharing!! -Susie

  14. As always, beautiful! Love those little drawers! Hugs, Leena

  15. I think all these transformations are awesome! The toilet paper holder came out amazing!


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