Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vintage Wire Shopping Cart Basket

Back in June, Kathy at Kate’s Place shared a vintage shopping cart she purchased at a porch sale for $3 and made the cutest burlap liner for it.  You can read all about Kathy’s cute vintage shopping cart here.  Since then, I had been on the look-out for one.  Well wouldn’t you know it, I have been lucky enough to have found two in the last six weeks.   I wasted no time on the first one I found and made a burlap liner for it.  


I printed a graphic from The Graphic Fairy onto fabric and attached it to the front with twine. 


This one I’m keeping for myself.


I’m using it to house some pillows right now. 


But this recent find I will make a burlap liner and offer it for sale at my upcoming fall show.


I’ve had a few inquiries about printing on fabric.  I have seen several different methods for printing on fabric but this one has worked for me every time.  I use freezer paper.  First, I cut my fabric and freezer paper the size of the printer paper which is 8 1/2 by 11.  Next, I iron my fabric to get rid of all the wrinkles and then place the freezer paper on top of my fabric with the shiny side down. Then I run a dry iron on medium on top of the freezer paper.  I keep checking to see if the freezer paper has adhered to the fabric and when it has you’re done.  It’s ready for the printer.  I hope I did okay in explaining how to do this….I’m not very good at tutorials! 

As always, thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Charlie and I are going to an estate sale on Saturday.  Previews are showing a lot of antique items!


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  1. Morning Gail! I'm doing a little blog hopping for ideas and your place is always my favorite!! This looks beautiful; perfect finishing touch with the graphic. I think I might have to start looking for one of these carts as well. Off to Michaels shortly for Fall supplies but had to stop and say another GREAT JOB! Enjoy the estate sale - Jeannette

  2. Having coffee this morning and here you are up and at it already! How lovely this project turned out--I could hop in and live in your blog all day long. Gorgeous project--I want to try the freezer paper idea soon--great tutorial and pretty pics.

  3. That looks lovely, Gail! I love how your pillows go with it so well, too. Functional and pretty! I've got my wicker one to work on at some point ~ painting and making a new liner for it.

  4. Amazing Job Gail!! Love This Idea!! Happy Day!! XOXO

  5. Hi Gail, One of my customers just e-mailed me and said she is interested in your extra cart. She (and I) tried to e-mail you but for some reason it's not working. She would love for you to e-mail her about it at

    So glad you joined the party! Kristen

  6. Love your idea! I sewed a muslin liner for a cart for our grandson's room and it was a bugger to fit all those corners! I like your idea better. I also bought a cart like the one you're offering in your shop. I had planned to line it for a toy basket, but found it's quite useful for its intended purpose. Ha! Go figure.

  7. Love that you tied everything with adds so much more texture & interest! Such an interesting storage basket now...beautiful!

  8. Oh my! I'm lovin' the look of this!!!

  9. Gail that looks so fabulous!! Thanks for the shout out! I was wondering too how you made your print outs. I'm going to try it now that i know what to do.


  10. Oh it is wonderful. I love the idea of having it for extra pillows!! Lord knows, I have a few of those!!

  11. Oh my goodness Gail, I love it! It's beautiful.

  12. How cute! This is a great idea. I need one of these in my guest room.

  13. Adore your shopping cart and the cute liner and graphic! Thanks for sharing your project at Potpourri Friday at 2805!

  14. Oh, I want to find some of these!

  15. That's adorable. I must find one of my own!


  16. Your project turned out great! Don't you just love it when you find something you are looking for? It just adds to the whole "thrill of the hunt" notion. Thanks for the tutorial.

  17. So cute, Gail! Love the idea of using your cart for pillows.
    Mary Alice

  18. Love your pillows and your display with the cart. The burlap liner is the perfect accessory!

  19. Another fabulous makeover Gail, I LOVE IT!! Can't wait to see what you do to the other one!

  20. So neat Gail, love the pillows in the one yiu are keeping!

  21. Now how cute is that!! I heard a rumor you can walk in your shed, can that possibly be true?


  22. Your liner turner out so great! I love old shopping carts! Thanks for stopping by, Gail!

  23. HI Gail! Oh, your basket with the liner you've made looks marvelous! Oh, you're good at the graphic transfers. I've only used the computer transfer paper. I'll have to use your method next time.
    I'm sure the little cart will look wonderful too.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  24. Wow! That is gorgeous!! I'm lovin' the no.3 pillow, too, as that's my favorite number!

  25. I love these carts...been looking for one, too. Hope I find it soon...before I have to have a hissy fit.:))
    Thanks for telling us how to do this. I will try as soon as I get butcher paper. Where in the world do you buy it?

  26. i got rid of mine years ago, what was i thinking?????

    found you via the charm of home and hope you'll stop by and follow!



  27. Very cute cart. I'm going to try your freezer paper method. I tried to run a piece of fabric through my printer once and let's just say that it didn't go well. I think I can handle freezer paper though.

  28. Thank you for joining me at HSH!

  29. Love your ideas, I have my grandmothers basket shopping cart and I think I will make a liner for it, maybe with her name on it (French script of course ).
    Blessings from Ontario, Canada.

  30. Wow, love this shopping basket. I have an old new like this and it has been on my list to make a liner for. This is an inspiration! Thanks for sharing, Laura

  31. I like the addition of the graphic, Gail. Your pillows are beautiful too.

  32. hi gail..WOw love your blog! found you on 2805 party! am following you the basket! and i am a burlap lover as well! lol what a beautiful blog....i will be back with another cuppa jo soon for a long visit! hugs kat =^.^=

  33. WOW!!! what an amazing post! love it, just followed you, will def be back!



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