Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween and The Haunted Ghost Walk

First, I would like to say that my heart and prayers go out to all who have sustained far greater losses and damage than we did from Hurricane Sandy.  We were truly blessed that this storm caused minimal damage in our local area compared to what others have endured. 

We managed to pull off the twins Birthday/Halloween party this past Saturday and the haunted ghost walk was a big hit!  The kids and adults all loved it!!   I took some pictures of it to share with you.





This ghost was the cutest thing at night.  He would travel back and forth along a cable between two trees.


This is another little scary creature I made using a tomato cage, Halloween mask and a black cape.  I called him “Johnny the grave digger”! 




The black tomb stone had a fogger machine and at night it looked spooky!  011


  The skeleton laying in the hammock was adorable.  He snored and his chest would move up and down.  



This was Papa's table.  His head was the witches dinner.   


We used a set of saw horses as the table base and a piece of ply board.  We cut a circle in the ply board for his head to go through.   The kids loved it!  They all knew it was “Papa”! 

Unfortunately my night pictures didn’t turn out.  I was so disappointed, I forgot to change my camera setting.   But here are a few night ones.










Our oldest daughter played the witch and she was AWESOME! 



It was a FUN Birthday/Halloween party and I think the twins and everyone else really enjoyed themselves.  

I would like to thank all of you who left the sweetest comments in regards to our creative attempts at making scary Halloween things for this haunted ghost walk! 

As always thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful week. 



  1. Everything looks great, Gail! I'm sure it must have been a lot of fun to do and to see their faces on the walk. Thanks so much for your birthday wishes! : )

  2. Such clever Halloween decorating you did in the woods! Love it all! I'm sure everyone had a great time seeing all those spooky creatures.

  3. That is amazing! What creativity & what a fun time for everyone!

  4. Gail that is so cool!!! You did an amazing job! I bet they are thinking you two are the coolest Grandparents ever!

  5. Oh how fun...everything looks awesome!! You guys did an amazing job!!

  6. Wow!!!! Very Creative!! I wish I could have come. That would have been so much fun. Happy Birthday to the Twins!!

  7. I bet they were thrilled! Would have loved to have been there to see their faces! Great job on everything!

  8. This looks amazing. The detailing is incredible. I would have loved a party like that when I was younger, who am I kidding, I would still love it! Belated birthday wishes to the twins.

  9. How fun! I know where I am crashing next year. Those kids must have had a ball!

  10. What an AWESOME birthday!! I know they all had a blast!!

  11. Hi Gail! Oh, this must have been the best Halloween party! I love all of your spookies and y'all really went to town with them all. I think my favorite is the little circle of ghosts! :)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Gail, this is awesome!! I know you scored some major cool points!! These were really creative ideas.

  13. Oh what fun!! Would have loved to walk it at night! You guys did a really great job, hope everyone had a good time:)

  14. You do realize you just catapulted to the coolest grandparents around don't you? That and now you are probably hooked too..... a yearly Ghost Walk perhaps?


  15. So fun. You guys did amazing setting up for such a fun activity - that's a birthday they'll never forget.

  16. I've been waiting for this! I was thinking about the party this weekend and that all the kids and adults were probably having the best time! Everything looks so cool! I would have loved this myself!Y'all did an absolutely awesome job! What wonderful grandparents you are! Thank you so much for sharing! Hugs, Leena

  17. Oh my goodness. I'm just in awe of how creative everything is. I love all the unique scary creatures you came up with. I love all the special effects you mentioned. I wish I could've gone on this tour myself. I guess that is the kid in me coming out! ha! My son would've loved to have gone on it too. Outstanding!

  18. Wow I'm so impressed with this! I wish I had been that creative when my kids were little! We have a wooded setting that could have worked like yours! You created some great scenes! Love it!

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  20. Each display was so clever Gail. I bet your grand kids think you and your husband are the coolest grandparents. That had to be some birthday party.


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