Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Cleaning

Hello Everyone!  In between working on projects in the garage, I have been doing some much needed spring cleaning.  I feel as if I have neglected my home since opening my booth.  I have cleaned the kitchen and dinning room from head to toe and at the same time I made quite a few changes, especially in the dinning room.    


I really love the changes in the dinning room.  I have four more chairs left to paint and then I will share all the changes with you.  


Charlie and I are going to visit our daughter and son-in-law this weekend.  Our son-in-law will be deploying sometime this month to Afghanistan.  Most of his Army career has been in Special Forces training so this will be his first deployment.  It has been awhile since we have seen them and we can’t wait to spend time with the both of them before he deploys.

As always, thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.



  1. Both vignettes are fabulous. Such pretty decor. Have fun visiting your daughter and SIL.

  2. Hi Gail! Doesn't it make you feel so good to get things cleaned and spiffy? Now what I'm seeing is so pretty! My prayers go out to your son - in - law and I thank him for his service. Have a wonderful time with your family.

  3. Very pretty, Gail! Can't wait to see your chairs painted. Are you doing black like the chair in the background? Love that fabric on the seat. I need to get going on some Spring cleaning here. Yesterday I gave myself arm tremors from doing two sets of French doors cleaning all the individual panes of glass.

  4. Cute vignettes... Doesn't it feel great to have your home cleaned....
    Have an enjoyable stay at your daughters and SIL.

  5. Everything is so pretty! I love the black and white touches you have.

    Enjoy your time with your family. I'm sure your daughter is nervous since this is his first time to be deployed.

  6. Have a wonderful time with your son and daughter-in-law! Can't wait to see your diningroom too!

  7. Looking forward to seeing the changes. Have a great time with your daughter and SIL!!

  8. Love both pretty!! Have a wonder time with your daughter and son-in-law.

  9. Good for you-You are way ahead of me with the Spring cleaning thing. Have tun this weekend-It is kind of scary to think of your SIL going over there, isn't it? I hope your daughter is a strong girl. It is so hard on families. xo Diana

  10. Thank you so much for sharing your Room Décor. I can see from the first picture, the green color is being the best option. Although the green is not the main color, I still can see that it is becoming the great combination. Meanwhile, if I do not like to have bright color, I can choose calm color such as white. As I know that white color is great color, because it will suit with other color. Also for the furniture, I can use corner cabinet. But I have to make sure that the material is good.

  11. Love the vignettes! Enjoy your time with your children. Praying for your SIL safety and quick return. Have a good weekend. Maria

  12. Love it. Praying for your son in law and the whole family. That can be a stressful time. But thanks to him and others like him.

  13. Hello Gail, such lovely vignettes, warm, cozy and inviting. Happy weekend.


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