Friday, April 25, 2014

Attic Finds

Hello Everybody!  The other day my door bell rang and it was my next door neighbor.  She asked me to come over, if I had a moment .  She said that she and her husband had been cleaning out their attic and they had a few things they thought I might be interested in.  Of course I said yes and walked right over there!

Sitting there was this beautiful oval coffee table.


I wasted no time on this piece when I brought it home.  


I sanded the top and painted the base with Annie Sloan white chalk paint.   


I lightly distressed it, applied Annie Sloan clear wax and restrained the top with Minwax Wood Finish Provincial. 


And, then there was this old weathered rocking chair.  I started painting it with Miss Mustard Seed Lucketts Green milk paint before I realized that I hadn’t taken a picture of it.


Although I didn’t get as much chipping with the milk paint as I had hoped, I am still happy with the results.  Some of the old white that was once on the rocker still shows through. 



I love these attic finds especially since I barely left the comfort of my own home to get them.  I have spent many hours hunting for treasures like these! 

As always, thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!   This weekend I plan on hitting a few yards sales.  Tis the season and there are tons of them listed!!  



  1. I love the coffee table what a find, rocker is great too!

  2. These are nice of your neighbors to think of you!

  3. Very pretty! I have a round cherry table almost like the one picture.

  4. What nice neighbors, Gail! : ) I love that table! It looks great and so does the rocker. I hope they don't want them back now!

  5. I have that same coffee table! It belonged to my aunt for many, many years. The only difference is that it, and the matching end tables, have marble tops that slip on. They are so pretty! So nice of your neighbors to give you the table and rocker! I assume they'll be headed to your booth and will sell quickly! Hugs, Leena

  6. Gail,
    Beautiful table and that rocker is very charming. Enjoy all the sales...I will be hitting them too. Went to a wonderful pre-view vintage show yesterday and got lots of treasures. I would still love to feature you at Shop Talk :)


  7. Gail- I would have mud-wrestled you for the table! I LOVE that piece and the chair is great, too. Nice job---no GREAT job! xoDiana

  8. Beautiful pieces from your neighbors. Hope you find some goodies at the yard sales. None around here yet...they should start having them in about a couple of weeks.

  9. What a wonderful neighbor to have! I love the items you were given. That coffee table has beautiful details! I would've snatched that up too. I love the rocking chair in it's new color as well. Who can't use a pretty wooden rocking chair? Hope you have more luck on the garage sales that are in your area. You're right. It is now the season for those.

  10. WOW Gail love love how you transformed that coffee table...what nice neighbors!


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