Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Faux Tile Porch

On my list of many things to do was  tiling our screened-in porch.  I saw what Traci at Beneath My Heart  did to her patio, inspiring me to do the same to my screened-in porch.    She faux tiled her patio with stain. 

First off, let me apologize for not taking pictures of the process beforehand.  Unfortunately,  I was without a camera when my husband (Charlie) and I started this project.  My camera was left in Kentucky visiting our son who is stationed at Fort Campbell.  A few days after I completed this, I got a new camera….Nikon Cool Pix L110 and let me tell you something…..I LOVE THIS CAMERA! 

In the picture below, imagine if you will,  the cement floor with no furniture or rug on it.  012

We used Quikrete products from Lowe’s.  I cleaned the concrete with Quikrete concrete cleaner.  


Charlie and I measured  the  porch from corner to corner to find the center.  Once we found our center, we drew a line every 12 inches until we had all our squares.  Because I couldn’t find half inch wide painters tape, I used half inch scotch tape.  Once I taped all my squares, I taped newspaper around the whole porch so that when I sprayed my stain it wouldn’t get on the siding or the porch rails. 



It took approximately  15 minutes to spray the whole porch.  I am so glad I decided on spraying versus rolling it. 

022 - Copy

The next day, I rolled the sealer on  applying two coats within a four hour timeframe. 


021 - Copy

Now I’m off to put it all back together.  I’ll be updating the look of my bakers rack and………. 043 

making a water feature for the screened- in porch.  017

Thank you Traci for inspiring me.020 - Copy 

  I love the look my tile floor. 


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  1. It looks fabulous. I love the look too. I would love to do something similar to ours. What a great idea. Hugs, Marty

  2. Nice! a lot of work, but worth it!

  3. Wow...that looks great! I love it, nice job

  4. Glad to see you are back Gail! Love your new floor! When can ya stop by and do ours!:)

  5. It turned out wonderfully! You did a lot of work -- and it's so worth it! Looks great!! :)

  6. Wow - that looks awesome! And that it only took 15 minutes to spray is great.

  7. I can't believe the scotch tape worked; wow! The porch floor looks authentic now - very attractive! :) New follower thru Someday Crafts. Pam @ Sallygoodin

  8. Your floor is gorgeous! I have a screened in back porch and would love for the floor to look like yours. I might get up the nerve to try it Ü

  9. Love this! You've really upgraded the look of your porch. Thanks for posting all the details, this is a great project.

  10. That looks awesome!!! You totally changed the look. Thank you for this tip!

  11. That's amazing, Gail. Did you use any particular kind of paint sprayer? I've been considering purchasing a paint sprayer, but don't know what kind to get. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear.

    Back to your project -- I truly thought it was a porcelain tile floor. The color was perfect. Fabulous job!

  12. It is beautiful! I thought about trying the same thing on our porch (cause trust me it sure does need it), but I haven't as of yet. Maybe someday. Gail

  13. Love it! I wonder if you could do that over a wood floor?


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