Friday, May 2, 2014

Tobacco Basket

Hello Everyone!  Look at what I was gifted……


…’s a tobacco basket!! 

For years, I have been wanting and searching for one. They are so hard to find and when you do find one they are expensive.

I know exactly where I’m going to hang it and I can’t wait to share it with you. 

Thank you Darren for such a lovely gift!

As always, thanks for stopping by. 



  1. That's a wonderful gift! I had one for years until it finally just fell yours!

  2. What a great gift, Gail! Can't wait to see where you hang it. I've seen some in pictures {blogs or Pinterest} and they seem to look great wherever people choose to hang them.

  3. Oh how sweet! Such a wonderful gift.

  4. How cool is that. Is it really as big as it looks in the picture? It will be fun to see where you put it.

  5. Fantastic, I'm envisioning a beauty when its all done.

  6. Awesome! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  7. Isn't it wonderful to receive a fabulous gift from someone? Love the huge basket
    What a happy gift

  8. Luck Lucky you!! I love those...what a great gift!

  9. Ive seen those before but never knew what they were, thanks i learned something today

  10. As a child of the fifties, I remember seeing cured tobacco leaves packed into bales for hauling to market. The basket was used as a form for shaping the bale. A large burlap sheet was placed across the basket and tobacco leaves were stacked on to it. The prettiest and best of the golden leaves were used to dress the outside and top of the bale so that it would show well at market.Then the corners of the sheet were tied together and the bale was placed on a truck for hauling.
    Many small towns in South Georgia had a tobacco market which was a huge warehouse. Market day was like a festival because the farmer finally got cash for a crop that required months of work.
    I still have a basket in the hay loft that bears testimony to the days if tobacco farming.

  11. Whenever I see one of these I think of my husband's mother. She was raised on a Tobacco farm in Kentucky. Of course, by the time I got there, the baskets were long gone!!

  12. What an awesome it!!

  13. Nice gift. They are pretty easily found here, bit $90 and up.

  14. That is a FANTASTIC basket, Gail. What a wonderful thing to own. LOVE it!!!! xo Diana


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