Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thanks From The Bottom of My Heart

Thanks  to all you wonderful people for your thoughts and prayers.  I appreciate all of the beautiful  comments and e-mails you have sent me. 

The last three months has been an emotional time for my brother, sister and myself.  We have managed to clean our parents’ home of 43 years.  As adults,  I don’t think we have cried, laughed and hugged our entire life together as we did during this process.   We  had our first family gathering (Easter) without either one of our parents.  There was Mother’s Day, my Mom’s Birthday and I just celebrated my 50th Birthday without either one of them.   I think of them often and miss them.  They were two of the best people you would ever want to meet and I was lucky to have them as long as I did.  Now I am beginning a new chapter in my life.    

With all of that being said, I have missed you all and am looking forward to getting back into blogging soon. 




  1. You are not going to believe this but I was just thinking about you today and wondering how things were going...how strange is that?
    I'm sure every holiday and every event will bring back wonderful memories of your parents. They sounded like great people and I know they will be missed. I am fortunate to still have both my mother and my father and I know to cherish all the opportunities I have to spend time with them.
    Happy belated 50th birthday!! I just had my 50th this month too.
    I look forward to reading and seeing more of your great projects and posts.

  2. Gail, I know well what you are going through and I feel for you. The new normal will indeed require some getting use to for both of us. Just know, someone here gets where you're at. Thinking and praying for you.

    I too am enjoying the closer bond the family seems to gravitate towards. Just the way it ought to be.


  3. Gail, Thank you for writing this touching post. I hope you continue to heal. It really seems like you were blessed with wonderful parents. What a gift!
    Glad you are back.
    With prayers,

  4. I am so glad you're back.

    You are right, a new chapter is beginning.
    I have lost both of my parents. Amazingly, God slowly turns the bitter grief into sweet memories.
    The first Father's Day without my dad, I burst out crying when I passed the greeting cards in a store with everyone hustling to buy the perfect card for their dad.
    What a blessing that you and your sister and brother have each other.


  5. it is so good to see you posting again. You have been missed & you have been in my prayers. I have learned that grief is a process. Many changes and emotions. Keep holding on to God....I know I have to.
    (By the way Happy Birthday! 50 is a good age to be:-)

  6. This post definitely struck a chord with me, I just lost my mom on Thursday. I still can't believe she is gone.


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