Friday, February 24, 2012

A Stenciled Closet Door as Wall Art

Hello Everyone!  It’s so hard to believe it’s February with this beautiful weather we are having.  It reached 70 degrees here today!  Now that the master bathroom renovation is done, I have been working on the upstairs landing.     

Several weeks ago, I purchased a set of bi-fold closet doors from the Habitat for Humanity Restore for $10.  I wanted to use one of them as wall art on one of the walls upstairs. 


First I dismantled the bi-fold doors and stained one of the doors.  Next I painted the entire piece with ASCP Country Grey and then lightly brushed graphite here and there.  After it dried, I sprayed water and wiped it down to show signs of  wear.  Next, I applied dark wax.    


After I hung the door on the wall, I stenciled a design pattern using gold paint on the three raised panels. This is what it looks like. 



I also added the glass knob to the door. 


This is what the wall looked like before. 


I really like the change.  


  I have one more thing I’m working on upstairs and it has to do with this…….    


…..and some thrift store finds.  The table was purchased at the HomeGood Store, but I have given this a make-over as well.

Thanks to all of you who left such sweet comments on our master bathroom reveal.  We have really enjoyed this make-over. 

As always, thanks for visiting and your sweet comments.  They are always appreciated.


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  1. Genius idea Gail. That is awesome and it looks so pretty.

  2. I sat on my behinder today, well did a little cleaning, but when I read the blogs and see the great projects everyone does then I feel like I wasted the day!

    I still have to try the spraying water method of distressing. Next project perhaps?


  3. Wow,Wow,Wow!!!! I love are so creative!! It looks just stunning on your landing :o)

  4. Love the gray Gail. That is so cool


  5. That looks fantastic, Gail! I love it! Great job with the painting and the stenicl. I've been looking for about two months now for some kind of shutters to use over my fireplace but they are either too big or too short. I've seen quite a few this size and wish I could use them somewhere.

  6. Gail, the look and finish of that door is FABULOUS! Love the stenciling. You did a super job on that.

  7. That is just awesome. You are so creative.
    Never think to check out Habitat for Humanity.

  8. O you wonderfully creative lady! I love that door, it's great and the glass knob on it is so perfect. I would love to have bi-fold doors on my closet exactly like that. I love it!
    Hugs, Cindy

  9. Oh my, that door is so fabulous. What a great idea. I love it. Hugs, Marty

  10. Really pretty and the stencil is the icing on it. I have referred a friend to you in regards to ASCP cause I do not paint with it-she might shoot you an e-mail soon. She had a difficult time with it. hugs, olive

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT Gail!! You did an awesome job on that, it looks beautiful! You are on a roll with all these projects!

  12. Wow Gail! The door is fabulous! LOVE the paint treatment and the stenciling.
    Looking forward to your new projects and I'm a new follower.

  13. Well, I certainly would never have thought a bifold door could look so beautiful. You are just full of surprises! I will never look at doors as doors again...I'm learning to look at things differently after reading so many wonderful blogs, including yours.

  14. Very beautiful job on that door...Makes for amazing art. The little knob is sweet.

  15. I really like the way the stenciled door turned out. It looks great on the landing.

  16. What a fabulous idea! It looks gorgeous! The stencil is beautiful!

  17. Gail, this looks GREAT! I love it! What a wonderful idea!! I am going to remember this! Beautiful!

    Lou Cinda

  18. Looks fantastic. Love the stencil you added as well. Great find.

  19. Oh my gosh, the landing looks fabulous! Our last home was a two story, and this was the hardest area to work with because of the small place at the top, looking enormous with the stairs and the ceiling so high, even if it curves! I love the entire wall!

    Thanks for sharing your treasures! And I just found the restore!! Holy cow, what a great place for great bargains!!

    Blessings for a wonderful weekend!

  20. What a creative idea! The color is awesome, you do beautiful work.
    We aren't done with our bathroom remodel yet and I'm still wanting to convince the husband to re-do my cabinet like you did. We can't keep up with you!

  21. Gail, this is wonderful! I love your door! You did a great job painting and stenciling it! You're so creative and talented to think of this! Love it!

  22. This looks wonderful, Gail! A perfect canvas for your work! Looks beautiful in the space, too!

  23. Amazing it looks like an old European relic now!

  24. Gail that turned out just gorgeous! I wish our Habitat was near by and nee. Ours is in the hood and far away.

  25. Looks just fabulous, Gail! Thank you for sharing your creative idea at Potpourri Friday!

  26. Hi Gail,
    Another great redo! The finish on the door is beautiful and it's a perfect fit for your landing. Do you ever rest??

  27. You have probably figured out that I am working backwards through your lovely blog so I read the newer post with this lovely piece in it first. I thought it was an antique and now I know how you did it! Very pretty.

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