Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tobacco Stick Sled

The other day when I was in the attic taking down our Christmas decorations, I found a tobacco stick sled that I made a long time ago.  I decided that I would bring it down and spruce it up so that I could display it this Christmas. 


I made a lot of these sleds years ago and sold them at craft shows.  They were a big seller.   I also made chairs out of tobacco sticks and they also sold well at craft shows.    I have one chair left and my daughter-in-law has it on her porch.  I’ll have to take a picture of it. 


To give the sled a new look, I dried brushed it with white paint. 


Next, I added some Christmas greens, a red bow and a pair of wooden skates on the front of it. 


I think  I’m liking the new  make-over. 




For now, I have it in the entry way but who knows where it will end up. 


I almost forgot that I had that sled and I  was so excited when I discovered it.   Don’t you  just love attic treasure finds? 


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  1. Your make over sure changed the look of the sled. Weren't tobacco sticks used to spear tobacco leaves after they were harvested? It sure was a clever use of an item that is fast disappearing.

  2. Gail, I love it. I love the rustic charm and you decorated it just perfectly. Thanks for joining the party this week!

  3. I am in awe of the entire project! You had me when you said you made the sled! And then you go and decorate it so beautifully. I have my husband's childhood sled that I'm using in my decorations this year. Thanks for giving me some ideas.

  4. Gail, what a fantastic idea! You just had a creative eye and came up with this CUTE decoration. I love it!

  5. I definitely like the makeover! It is so pretty.
    You may have to start making more of these when everyone sees this one!!!! :)


  6. Wow, I love this. Your dressing up looks fantastic.

  7. Stopping by from Kim's Boring to Better party!! Love the sled! I usually put one of the old sleds on the front porch but now I see it needs some adornment!!!

  8. This is so pretty! I love how you added the greenery, bow and skates! They all really pop beautifully off of the white paint, too! Now, all you need is the snow. :) Have a great day, Becca

  9. That is the cutest thing!! I LOVE the skates!! Thank you so much for following my blog and for coming to my party today!!
    Many Blessings,

  10. I love the old weathered look. I'm not sure what tobacco sticks are but I like them. It looks really cute with the greenery and the skates.

    1. Tobacco sticks were used many years ago to hang the stalks of tobacco on in the barn so it could be cured and then taken off and the leaves pulled and sorted into grades,hand tied and packed ontoo tobacco baskets,then taken to market and sold.I have about frozen in the barn tying it.Good money but a hard job

  11. That thing is so darn cute! I pulled down my sleigh (garage sale) and can't wait to put it out. I usually put it in the entryway but might do the front porch this year. I can't decide just yet. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I had never heard of a tobacco stick sled or chair!! Ths is adorable, love how you fixed it up!!! XO, Pinky


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