Monday, April 4, 2011

Laptop Problems

The USB ports on my laptop are all dead!  I have spent hours on the phone with technical support trying to repair the problems, but to no avail.   With that being said, I will be away for a few days  as I take it in for a check-up.  All my resources are saying it’s the motherboard…..I sure hope not! 

Hopefully, I’ll be back in a few days.



  1. Ugh how frustrating! I hope it gets fixed soon for you!

  2. I absolutely HATE computer problems! And what I hate worse is trying to talk on the phone to tech support who speaks another language!

  3. I hope you find the problem and a cure soon and that the procedure won't be too expensive.

  4. Oh dear, I hope it isn't your mother board! Thanks so much for your sweet comment today.
    Take care!
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. Hate that for sure! See you soon!~

  6. I happens to all of us hurry back soon


  7. Bless your heart! Hope you can get it fixed and back to good very soon :)

  8. Gail I hate to inform you that your motherboard is about to blow... The #1 Sign for a motherboard failure is usb's shutting down... Get you data off right away... I know cause It happened to me..

    Bob Butler


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