Tuesday, June 26, 2012

An Old Patina Door

What a busy weekend!  We were out of town again this weekend visiting our daughter and son-in-law in North Carolina.  We got home yesterday and it feels good to be home.  We’ll be home for a little while before we’ll be off again.  Our next trip will be to Myrtle Beach in July for a week with our grandsons and that is right around the corner.  

Today, I was placing some of my antique shopping spree finds from our  Pennsylvania trip last weekend in the dining room. 


I bought three old doors and out of the three, this one is my favorite!


I left the door exactly how I bought it and hung it on the dining room wall.  


Look at the patina of this old door and the rusty hardware. The door latch is hanging on by one screw. 


Other finds which I have placed in the dining room are a large wooden picture frame and a silver candelabra.


I layered the large wooden frame with an oval one. 


While I was freshening up the dining room, I cut some hydrangeas off of my bush outside and added them to the dining room table.


I need to polish my silver but I’m not sure I will….I like the tarnished look, do you? 


As always, thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful week!


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  1. Gail, Your dining room is decorated so beautifully! I love all your finds. That door and then the picture frames together look amazing. Also, I really like the tarnished look on the silver pieces. I would leave it unpolished for sure. :) Have a great day! ~ Jamie

  2. Wow...I love that door! What a fantastic look to that area. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Pretty. I like the old door. Did you put the candle holder on it?
    What is it with the Silver Pitcher and creamer and sugar bowl that intriques me so much? I found one of those in my MIL house wrapped in a brown shopping bag...I brought it home, because I loved it so much. Still do. They're lovely. I wish I had more.

    Love your dining room Gail
    Glad that you had safe travels, Pat

  4. I love tarnished silver too Gail! Love all your pretty touches and great shots!!

  5. I love the door! Just yesterday I added a tarnished silver tray on my kitchen counter, so I do like the tarnished silver alot!

  6. Oh my goodness, I LOVE that door!! It looks fabulous in your lovely dining room. Your pictures are beautiful!

    Have a wonderful night!
    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  7. It looks like you had a great time in PA finding these treasures. It all looks so nice. Love your hydrangeas!! And yes, I prefer tarnished as well.

  8. The door is very cool. I can never decide about silver because I like to polish it.

  9. I love that door! I think it's great that you left the old hardware on it.
    Another vote for tarnished silver here. What is wrong with all of us? lol

  10. Love the old door and the picture frame. But I love, love the hydrangeas in the tarnished silver!

  11. Great finds, Gail! I love the narrowness to that door and how it looks great on your wall. Love the colors and patina, too. Your hydrangeas look great in that silver coffee pot. I like certain pieces polished and others not. I have two of both in the bathroom on a shelf and was just thinking that the one I like polished looks like it needs some attention.

  12. I LOVE that old door and the way you used it. Oh, I may have to copy this if I find the right door or old shutter.

  13. You have a beautiful dining room! I love the use of the door! It gives such a special detail to the room.

  14. I love the old door and how you displayed it. The frame is beautiful. I need to polish my silver. I'm also enjoying the look. The candelabra is a real treasure.


  15. I like polished and tarnished, but I think my fav is probably tarnished just so I don't have to polish!


  16. Love the door hanging on the wall, that is beautiful! Hugs, Lynn

  17. Gail,
    your door is fabulous! They are one of my favorite things, (I have 3 in my house) the patina is beautiful and the hardware is the icing on the cake! Love tarnished silver and your hydrangeas are wonderful! You found some great things!

  18. The door looks amazing in your dining room. What a lucky find, and it's the perfect size! You have the magic touch when it comes to accessorizing and layering. It's all beautiful!

    Thanks for welcoming me back. I look forward to seeing you for Potpourri Friday!

  19. Love your old door and the silver. I have to polish mine too, but I never do it!!!

  20. That door is perfect as is! I love all your vignettes!!

  21. I love your dining room Gail!! Your door looks gorgeous. It has so much charm.Everything looks so pretty.


  22. So glad I stopped by, I love your style. New follower from Savvy Southern Style.

  23. Yes, I do like the tarnish look. That door is awesome. I love the way you layered those frames. Your room looks lovely!

  24. Oh, I love that door! I'm going to the flea market this weekend and maybe I'll get lucky and find one like this!

  25. Your dining room is so pretty, love the way you've used the door. I go back and forth between polished and tarnished, all depends on the mood I'm in.

  26. Wow! such a pretty room!I love the patina on that door, looks beautiful on your dining room wall with the candle sconce on it. Gorgeous vignette on your sideboard and dining table...tarnished silver and hydrangea is a thing of beauty, I always loved the effect it creates!Loved visiting your lovely dining room:)I was reading about Mr Samuels on your previous post, it is so funny! Poor Mrs Samuels, to be barred from the store due to his antics:):) Thanks for sharing that email, it made me laugh out loud,so hilarious! Thanks for your sweet note. Have a lovely day!Happy to follow your beautiful blog. Hugs,Poppy

  27. It’s cool how doors could be repurposed, right? Even if it is placed only on the side, it has brought some character to the room. Patina equals character after all. It shows the changes that any object goes through over the course of time. Did you ask the shop owner about the history of the doors you've bought? I wonder how much more a patina door could offer if it’s not just a display. Have you wondered the same? :)

  28. So, how many doors do you have in your house? I love the look of your vintage-themed dining room – it seemingly takes you back to a different time! I have a question though.Has a visitor ever had any trouble differentiating the real door from the vintage door?


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