Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chalkboard Door

This is the last of the doors that I bought many months ago from the Habitat for Humanity Restore.   At that time, I purchased four of them and set them outside by my shed.  I have sold three of them since November.        


I am finding out that as of right now, anything chalkboard, black or green is really selling.  With this door, I covered all three.  It’s a chalkboard and painted black and green.


I made a No. 3 and Menu stencil using my Cricut and stenciled them on the door. 


I plan to make a trip to our local Habitat for Humanity Restore sometime this week in hopes of finding some more doors! 


I also hope things slow down just a little so that I can do a few things in my own home.   I feel like I have neglected my home and my blog since opening up my little booth.  I have missed you all. 

As always, thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful week!  


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  1. Love place I go to eat, a meat and 3- they have an older door hanging side ways across the wall, it has inset panels that have been painted in chalk board paint....they write the menus on it in each panel....really nice.

  2. I love this Gail...looks great...and you're right, those colors look perfect!!
    Have a great day, Mariaelena

  3. I love the style of that door and it looks great as a chalkboard!

  4. Gail,
    I know just how you feel...but that's just happens when your busy making inventory. So...I better go and get busy. By the the door!!!


  5. Great door, Gail! I love that shelf piece, too.

  6. I have no doubt that you've sold all the others...that is one fabulous door!

  7. Yes I agree with Gina it's no wonder you have sold 3.
    That door is fantastic!!
    Love the wee shelf as well with the topiary in jugs.....

  8. Gail...I used to find lot of doors in CT at this funny little place but then it seemed like everybody caught on the the "door" rage and it got a little harder to get them. The prices went from 10 to 40 dollars, too. You do wonderful work.

  9. I love the treatment you gave to the door! I'm pinning it to inspire others. Thank you for sharing it. Little Bit from

  10. Gail I LOVE that door! Oh that is how it is in the business world.It is hard keeping up with a home,shop and blog.I too struggle with this.Eventually something will have to give.For now I am trying my best to keep up.

  11. What a fabulous door! No wonder you are selling them so fast.Very pretty and original!

  12. WOW that is awesome Gail. I imagine it will go fast!

  13. I've had my eye on that door ever since it showed up in your photos! I need to find a Habitat for Humanity Restore near me, I'd love to be able to have a door like this one... Adore that cute shelf and all the white stoneware too! Wish you were closer or had an Etsy. Glad things are going so good, I'm so happy for you!!

  14. I love the door of course, but Charlie told me he's feeling left out and wants you go link him up to the Hey Girl party.


  15. What a fabulous door! It won't last long, I'm sure! I know it's been really busy lately, but youro success is wondeorful! I'm sure it will all fall into a rhythm soon! Hugs, Leena

  16. Love that door Gail! Your space looks amazing. Thanx for partying at my place!

  17. Wowie, I love that door! I hope your booth is proving profitable- it sure looks great! :-) Sue


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