Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Look At The View From My Kitchen Window

Isn’t it beautiful!  It’s a Clematis vine. 


I planted it about three years ago on one side of our deck.  It gets full sun and the sad thing is, I do absolutely nothing to it.  I don’t even prune it.  Now that’s my kind of plant! 


I think this particular color is called blue angel.  I can see why a Clematis is called “queen of the flowering vine” .   Isn’t it just gorgeous? 


One more picture of the view from my kitchen window. 


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  1. It is gorgeous, Gail! I have two myself, a white one that I have going up the side of my gazebo and a purple one that is mixed with a climbing pink rose. I don't do anything to them either {actually, I don't baby any of my plants} and they do so well every year.

  2. Oh it is stunning. I love it. Such a gorgeous color and what a beautiful view. Hugs, Marty

  3. Love it! I looked at one at Lowe's just this past weekend but didn't purchase it. Think I'll go back and get it now! Just beautiful!

  4. Wow...that is the biggest one I have ever seen...and my fav color too. Beautiful.

  5. Wow! so that's clematis? I never knew. Only just heard of it...but couldn't pick it out in a line pretty!

    I love looking out my kitchen window,Pat

  6. OH Gail it is so pretty don't you just love spring and summer...thanks for coming over for a visit today


  7. This is my favorite of all vines! I tried growing one myself but no luck. I think maybe it's too hot here. Guess I'll just have to adore yours from afar!

  8. So pretty - what a great view from your window. I'm sure it makes you smile everytime you look outside.

  9. Gail, that is gorgeous!! I love that color flower best of all...and it is amazing that you do nothing to it to make it look so pretty!!


  10. LOVE IT~!! I had one at my mailbox for 4 years and when the cable company came by to run underground line and killed it.. Seeing yours inspires me to buy another..


  11. Love your Clematis. I have one in the front of our house,that is doing lovely too. They are so easy and require nothing, which is great for me. Have a great day Gail!

  12. That is absolutely and totally GORGEOUS! And I am a tiny bit jealous!!! I have planted a clematis vine twice, and it just died on me both times. I want one so badly to do well and do what yours has done. I was talking to a lady at Costco who bought one there and I asked her for tips on where and how to tend it. Maybe I will try again, they are so pretty.
    Hugs, Cindy

  13. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing:-)

  14. Love your clematis. Mine is on my light post and just starting to bloom. It's a beautiful dark pink but I am loving your lavender one too. I wish the blooms stayed longer...hope your weekend is off to a great start! ~Ann

  15. Your clematis is absolutely fabulous! It would make a great painting!
    Have a wonderful weekend,


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