Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vintage Candle Mold

Since returning from our family beach vacation this past weekend, I’m having a hard time getting motivated to do anything!  And this heat wave isn’t helping either.  I did however, clean the house today and tweaked a few things as I went along. 

A few weeks ago, while heading down to see our daughter in North Carolina, Charlie and I stopped at a few antique shops along the way.  One of the things I bought was this vintage candle mold. 


I couldn’t believe the price I paid for it…..$40!  When we were antique shopping in Pennsylvania they were asking $70 and up for them. 


While at the beach last week, I found a few pieces of coral reef that had washed up on the shore.   


It had a terrible smell so when I got home I soaked it in bleach for 24 hours and then sun dried them.


I’m looking forward to the much needed rain and cooler temperatures they are calling for this weekend.  Maybe then I’ll be more motivated to get started on some of the projects that are just waiting in the garage. 

As always, thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful day. 



  1. That vintage candle mold is a wonderful piece! I've never seen one before, but I love it.

    Stay cool, Gail. This heatwave feels like it's neverending!

  2. The candle mold is charming Gail. It is cool and raining here now. I will try to send you some....

  3. This is a find, Gail! Candle molds are very pricey!We had rain here today, but it is still hot and humid!

  4. Cool find Gail. Glad you had a good time. It is always hard to return and get back into the groove again.

  5. The candle mold is very impressive, and I am glad you found it at a good price.
    As you wait for it to cool, we are waiting for the rain to stop and summer to start!

  6. I don't think I would of known what that was if I spotted it at a shop, now I will. And what is that cute pillow I see in the background?


  7. Gail,
    That is a great find!I too am looking forward to some cooler weather.

  8. Never heard of a candle mold like this. Very nice. The coral reef is really neat. What a unique way of bring the outside in.

  9. Love your candle mold...great find and a wonderful price!! I have been eyeing one at a local antique shop and it is $87.00.

  10. Wow! you did good. The candle molds get more dollars in Penn. because of the primitive factor. Are you leaving the coral reef it's natural colour.
    I would paint it bright coral or even a orange. Just a thought.
    We need rain. The thunder heads came by and it looks like it went around us.
    My veg garden looks pathetic.

  11. Fun find! Hope you got your rain and cooler weather...we're hoping for ours soon too :) Laurel

  12. Oh just beautiful!!!! I just found your Blog and I am in love!!!! We have the same taste...and my husband and I are always on the lookout for that perfect piece of something to add to our home!!! Love the coral....what a great addition and I adore the mold....I have seen them for much more than what you paid!!!

    Have a wonderful day....and you can come to my house and decorate any day!!! :-)

  13. That is so neat! I've never seen a real candle mold before. Glad you found one for such a good price. I like the coral reef you found too. I was hoping to find something natural on the beach (from our last trip) to bring back home, but didn't.


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