Friday, March 8, 2013

Drop-Leaf Side Table

First, I like to start off by saying I LOVE Miss Mustard Seed’s wax!  This drop-leaf side table was used as my guinea pig for my first attempt using Miss Mustard Seed’s (MMS) milk paint and wax. 


I ordered several different MMS milk paint colors.  I used Linen on this side table.  I have to be honest, I messed up the first time when I mixed the milk paint…..I added way too much water.  But the second go round I got it right. 


  When I first applied the milk paint not much paint chipping occurred.  But when I applied the second coat, it chipped a lot!  In fact, there was hardly any paint left on it.  At that point, I sanded best part of the table down with my sander and then reapplied the paint.  You can see in some areas where the paint was still chippy.


   I used one of the stencils that I purchased from Maison De Stencils and stenciled on top of the table.


I have to say, I really like MMS milk paint.  I would definitely use it again.  In fact, I’ve already started another painting project using it.  But what I LOVE is her wax!  It goes on smooth and is so easy to buff.  


Now, this little drop-leaf side table is headed to my booth. 

As always thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  The weather here is suppose to be really nice…we shall see! 



  1. I had the same problem Gail the first time I mixed her paint. LOVE that tables makeover!! I know that's going to be a quick sale!

  2. Gale- That turned out just great! You did a great job. I am not 100% sold on using the milk paint myself and find it harder to work with than the ASCP. I bet that flies out the door! xo Diana

  3. Your table is stunning. I love it. Fabulous makeover. Hugs, Marty

  4. That table turned out beautifully, Gail! Love the color and I love the stencil you used. They have such great stencils, don't they. I am definitely going to look into trying the MMS wax.

  5. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful transformation. I hope I can learn to do this someday! Do you like milk paint better than chalk paint?

  6. Your table turned out fantastic!! I really love it. That is going to sell really fast. Great job. I love the stencil too.


  7. Oh, yes! I love the imperfections. Nice job, Gail. I'm sure it won't last.

  8. What a beautiful make-over! Ought not last long in your booth! :)

  9. Oh, I just love it Gail! Wish I lived near I'd buy it in a heartbeat!

  10. That's an incredible transformation. I love it! I'm sure it'll sell quickly.

  11. Gorgeous! You are doing some wonderful pieces!

  12. Beautiful table Gail!Great stencil too!

  13. Would you believe I've never used any milk paint yet? I am so behind! LOL! I love the stencil and will have to check out that link. Your table is adorable and I bet it sells quick too. Great job!

  14. Great job on the table. It won't last long in your shop! I haven't used milk pain yet.
    I'm having a giveaway on my blog and would love for you to enter.

  15. You've created another really gorgeous makeover! That little table doesn't even look like it did originally.
    Hugs, Cindy

  16. The table is cute for sure, and I am curious about the wax. I've tried the paint. What wax were you using previously?


  17. I've done that before, having to sand a project when the chalk paint won't stick. Frustrating! But it was worth it, wasn't it? Your table turned out beautifully.

  18. Gail, I love all your work. I am really interested in the stencils you use and have gone to their site - so many to chose from and quite an investment up front. Was hoping for a little advice on which might be some of the best sellers so I could have a starting point. I'm honestly tired of all the various transfer methods and believe stencils are the best way to go.

    Also, why do you like MMS wax over any of the others out there?

    I follow you via email. Know you are busy but maybe you can spare some time. My email is and would love your input.

    Absolutely love everything you do.

    Thank you, Carolyn

  19. OMG!!! How did I miss this post!! LOVE that table!! Awesome!!!!
    I must get my hands on this milk paint......
    I bet that table has already sold...

  20. Oh, I have stencil envy, Gail. I have been trying to snag that stencil every time there is a sale and I keep missing it. You did a beautiful job. Now I want that design even more.


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