Monday, August 30, 2010

A Leaf Bird Feeder

This was such a fun kids project! 


My grandsons love to paint and love using power tools with the help of an adult.  I saw this  leaf bird feeder project in one of my craft magazines and thought what  fun it would be for the boys and I to do together. 

I used my Cricut , the Sure-Cuts-Alot software, and a SVG file to make my leaf stencil.  I traced my leaf stencil on a piece of luan board and cut it out using my scroll saw.  I drilled a hole in the top of the leaf so we could attach a piece of  rope to hang it in a tree. 

I had the boys sand their own leaf.   They loved using Grandma’s sander.  They each took turns using it.  Even my youngest grandson wanted a turn using the sander. 


We painted the leaves many many different colors. 


After the paint dried, I tied a piece of  rope to the top.  We then covered the backside of our leaf cutout with a mixture of  peanut butter and honey.   


We then sprinkled bird seed all over the peanut butter and honey mixture.   I bought bird seed that will attract nut and fruit eating birds.  


They were so proud of what they made! 


And so was Grandma. 


All three of the bird feeders are now hanging in our tree. 


I LOVE being a Grandma!


P.S.  There’s linky parties going on today at Sugar Bee-Craft Edition for Take a Look Tuesday and A Silly Little Sparrow for Toot Your Own Horn Tuesday.  Thanks Ladies for hosting. 


  1. these loook so fun! thank you for linking up... I am featuring them on Wed!

  2. My Grandma was the best! Always had fun crafts and games for us! I'll be making something like this with my preschool class!

  3. What wonderful memories you are making with your precious boys.

    They are so darn cute!!!

    I am enjoying little Mason so much.
    Little boys are special!


  4. Love the leaf idea. And, what is more fun that covering things with peanut butter!!?? Hope the cleanup wasn't too drastic. ;-)

  5. Love this idea, not sure what is cuter the project or the boys! lol


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