Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cherish Memories

When we were sorting through my parents’ pictures, we found a picture of my Mom dressed in a Santa suit and my Dad was hugging her. 

Santa Picture

Of course seeing this picture brought back lots of memories for my brother, sister and myself.  We  reminisced about the many times Mom wore this Santa suit.  Mom had been asked to attend many Christmas gatherings through the years by family, friends and work to be Santa and pass out gifts.    It wasn’t until later that we (my brother, sister and myself)  found out that Mom was the “Santa” for three years at our Elementary school.  

This year will be our first Christmas without either one of our parents and I wanted to do something special with the picture instead of keeping it in an album.   I decided to frame it so that it can be displayed and be part of our Christmas. 


I used Christmas scrapbooking paper, my Cricut and the SCAL.   The buttons and trim that I used were from  my Mom’s sewing box.   


My Mom loved being  Santa’s helper.    Everybody young and old  loved  Santa (Mom) and my Dad was her biggest Santa fan.   This is certainly one of many  memories that will be forever cherished in all of our hearts.



  1. Gail,

    This is absolutely beautiful! I must admit I have sat here and cried thinking about how much they are missed every day. Christmas will NEVER be the same without them, for that matter everyday!

    Love your sister, Jenny

  2. Oh I just love it!!! I love how you are displaying it and what a wonderful and precious memory.

    Have a wonderful day sweetie!


  3. What a beautiful project!
    Your parents sound like very special people.
    Great memories every time you look at it.

  4. Memories of your parents are warm and deep. Your project lets our eyes see what are hearts feel

  5. That is so beautiful, I love it! Such a heart warming display and that was always how you felt around the two of them. They gave us so many wonderful memories, we always looked forward to spending Christmas Eve at Maw Maw and Pop’s it will never be the same. I'm like Aunt Jenny, it made me cry thinking about how much joy they brought and how much they are missed everyday.

    Love ya,

  6. Such a wonderful post filled with memories. I lost my mom 3 years ago and my dad lives with us, so I feel you loss. Projects like this really touch the much better than keeping it in a photo album.
    Thanks for sharing,
    ps...I found your blog through your link in my Follow section. Thanks for stopping by, because now I have found your wonderful blog!

  7. What a lovely way to showcase cherished photos !

  8. Just beautiful and PRICELESS my friend...Gail if you get a chace check your email I just send one to you...Small world and all of that kinda thing...waiting to hear back from you...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  9. How precious, Gail. Both of my parents passed away in 2004, so I know how it feels to be without them.
    I could still cry like a baby over it, but it sure has gotten a lot easier. I need to do something like this with some photos I have. Thank you for the idea!


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