Saturday, December 17, 2011

Keeping It Real

Hello Everyone!  Yesterday Sonny @ 155 Dream Lane did a post called Rainy Imperfectly Perfect Day and it was an awesome post on keeping it real.   Since reading that post, I thought I would share with you just how my kitchen and family room has looked like since yesterday.     


I’ve been wrapping gifts and this is where I wrap….in the kitchen.  I can’t tell you how many draft post I have that I don’t publish because I feel that they are not picture perfect but not today folks!   I wanted you to see the good the bad and the ugly. 


Now I need to get those gifts under the tree with the rest of the gifts. 


Thanks Sonny because I’m giving myself the gift of less stress too, just like you!

Be safe and enjoy your weekend. 



  1. I think we all have an area where it looks like that right about now, Gail! I used to take over my dining room for gift wrapping.

  2. oh mercy Me Gail~! I was doing that same thing this morning- gathering and wrapping with bags and boxes everywhere.. You sure got that done quick and everything looking pretty again..
    Good for you Sweetie..
    I know I've said about 20 times how much I LOVE your mantle, but I wanna say it one more time.
    PS~ How did I miss that clock face table- wowzers.. I need to search your blog si can get a better look at that beauty..
    Merry Christmas to ya

  3. That is what my guest room looks like now. Hey at least we know we are real, and not everything looks perfect all the time like we most of the time show on our blogs LOL! Merry Christmas Gail.

  4. my dining room is a disaster when I wrap! I think we are all like have the guts to show us!

  5. Good for you, Gail!!! Imperfectly perfect is what we all are, you know. NOBODY is perfect and NOBODY has the perfect life. My kitchen is often a disaster because I am in and out of there all day doidng stuff. When I photograph I usually just move stuff out of range of the photo...hehehe!
    I love seeing life as it really is, then I feel like maybe I'm normal, maybe.
    Love and hugs, cindy

  6. Gail, I am in the same Christmas wrapping mess that everyone seems to be experiencing. Today, my floor was covered with paper, ribbon, stickers, tape and who knows what else and my poor Holly came slowing walking toward me with her tail down. I picked her up and she had a price sticker stuck on the end of her tail. She couldn't get to it and was probably thinking , clean up this mess!!!
    I wish I could but still have more to do. Have a great rest of the weekend.-------

  7. Gail your last post for your kitchen is great, and about keeping it real... Your home still looks beautiful.. looks like you have a lot of great gifts... Have a wonderful and Merry Christmas with your family....


  8. I love it! And to me, it just shows how blessed that you really are: you have a beautiful home to wrap your gifts in, money to be able to purchase gifts for the ones you love, and good health which allows you to bend and stoop and reach and stretch to wrap those gifts! I enjoy posts like these, probably as much if not more than the ones that show everything perfect all the time, because to me it shows that you are a real person living in a real house which sometimes gets a little messy and unorganized, kinda like life itelf. Just makes you human!!!

  9. Love this post Gail, how true it is, I haven't posted in a week because I just don't have the extra time between working more days than I usually do and Christmas shopping too! Just to much on my plate and I too refuse to get stressed:)

  10. Great post Gail...maybe I should share my ugly mess:) Hope you have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!


  11. Great post Gail!!...Happy wrapping and decorating!!...xo, Mariaelena

  12. Yeah - there's stuff sitting around - the but beauty of your home is still easy to see :) No worries!

  13. Oh my, I love taking the stress out - I'm forced to! he he he! Went to visit the grandchildren for a birthday and Christmas Pageant, then brought all three home with me. Oh my - as you guessed - not a blasted thing is getting done but cooking, running behind them picking up everything they drop where they have it, looking for the remotes - cookies - well, if I stop to stress, I'd just be sunk!

    So, like so many, this year, I have taken the stress and thrown it to the curb.

    Have a Merry Christmas! Oh, you are way ahead of me on the wrapping side, too! Only three under the tree and they all arrived wrapped!

    Wednesday the children go home - don't know if I'll wrap gifts or throw them in a bag! he he he!

    Have a great week!

    Merry Christmas!

  14. I like your keeping it real post. My house is pretty well picked up...but me? I am a mess. My nails need to be done, I haven't gussied up since Sunday....cuz I haven't gone anywhere....
    and girl...I want to come to your house on Christmas. Santa obviously knows your family better than mine. My gifts look anemic..what a blessing to be able to do so many wonderful things for your family and friends. I love that!


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