Sunday, March 11, 2012

A 20th Century Rocking Horse Make-over

Hello Everyone!  My inspiration for this next project came right from the front cover of the Spring issue of Country Home magazine. 


I don’t normally buy this magazine but there was something about that rocking horse and how it was displayed that I just LOVED.  So in the shopping cart it went.  When I got home I searched for my daughter’s rocking horse that she received for her 1st Christmas in 1988.  I found it in the attic.    


I immediately called my daughter Lauren, who now lives in North Carolina with her military husband, and asked her if I could paint her rocking horse.  She laughed at me and said she could not believe that I still had it but that I could do whatever I wanted to it.  With having her permission, out came the ASCP old white, graphite, Folk Art Crackle Medium and the dark wax.  I got busy painting! 

Now that he’s all done, I placed him on top of our entertainment center in the family room. 


  He’s definitely not the 19th Century rocking horse that is on the front cover of Country Home’s but I think he looks cute with his new 21st Century make-over!


I love how the crackled medium worked with the ASCP. 


I cannot believe that this rocking horse will be 24 years old this Christmas! 


I would have taken a full view picture of the entertainment center but it was hockey day yesterday (Washington Capitals were playing) when I took these pictures and my husband was glued to the tube.   There are only certain times of the day that you can take pictures in there and it just so happened it was when the Capitals were playing! 

Oh and by the way, Lauren came home this weekend for a short visit and she absolutely loved what I did with her rocking horse! 

As always, thanks for your visit and your sweet comments.  They are always appreciated. 


P.S.  I just wanted to let you know,  I LOVED this magazine!  It was full of inspiration. 

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  1. Ha, she probably wants it back now, Gail! : ) Great job and I love how you captured the feel of the inspiration picture. I love that you got a "new" piece from this project, but you can look at it and remember fond memories of your daughter on her rocking horse! I know how you feel, mine turned 25 in February. Heck, I was just 25! Wasn't I?

  2. Wow ! What a transformation. Great makeover.
    Isn't it funny how we keep our children's toys.
    Yes so many memories that we don't want to let go.

  3. I LOVE him. Great paint job. I have missed Country Home magazine so much. I didn't know it was back..... I am going to the store right now.

  4. Gail; I bought that magazine, too; you're right on about inspiration from it's pages. Your vignette looks wonderful--to me, that rocking horse looks like a beautiful antique now--great transformation!

  5. OK...I am going to copy cat you who copy cat the magazine. I have my son's rocking horse....I will have to look for that magazine.

  6. Oh I absolutely love it too. It looks amazing. Your vignette is just unreal. Beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  7. Oh how cute!
    I love the way the rocking pony turned out. I still have a couple of children's rocking chairs in my attic. I've been thinking of getting them down and making them over for the little girls in our family.
    There momma's would love that!

    You've inspired me. I'll look for your post at Debbie Doos!

  8. What an amazing transformation! The old gal looks fabulous in her new setting, which by the way is just darling...

  9. I have one of those old horses too, not even sure he still has his mane. I also like how the crackle came out. OK, fine... adding this to my project to do list. I'm not asking permission from a kid, because I am not sure which kid it belongs too.


  10. Saw this on Pinterest! Love the rocking horse! Great job on the painting!

  11. Gail another fabulous transformation!! I LOVE IT!!!
    You did a wonderful job! What memories you'll have of
    this wonderful rocking horse. Love the way it's displayed!
    Enjoy your Sunday!!!

  12. That's funny Gail, that's not a magazine I would buy either but that front cover sucked me in too! Your version turned out great, love the paint treatment you gave it!

  13. Love how you finished the old rocking horse. Looks so good on your entertainment center. Great work Gail.
    Audrey Z. @Timeless Treasures

  14. Oh Gail this is adorable. How sweet that you still had the rocking horse. Looks awesome. Thanks so much for sharing.

  15. What you did to the horse was amazing. I love it. I also loved Country Home. Sure wish they would print it again.

  16. Cute, cute! You did a great job! Great copy challenge!

  17. I don't get to visit you enough! You are so talented Gail. That came out wonderful. I really love it. He has so much charm now and with the memories to boot, it's even more fabulous. You style fantastic vignettes. I just love it to pieces =)

  18. Gail, what a beautiful copycat! So beautiful and charming!
    Great job!

  19. Gail, the rocking horse looks so adorable with his new makeover. Very Cute.

  20. How cute, Gail! I love the crackle paint. I think your copy cat is very inventive and fun!

    I am linking from Debbiedoos.
    Ricki Jill

  21. That is adorable, great thinking on it Gail!

  22. Hi Gail! I love it! Yours is so much sweeter and your horsie is so much cuter.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. Love the color . Great transformation!

  24. This is fantastic Gail! It looks so good up there and the makeover is awesome! It is now an heirloom.....LOVE it!!

    Lou Cinda

  25. I think I have that same magazine but with a different cover. Have you noticed that sometimes magazine companies change the covers on the same issue? Mine has a flower bouquet on the front. I'm going to have to see if there is a picture of that rocking horse in mine. Then I'll know for sure. I love how you copied that idea. It's nice to bring something old back out and use it in a new way!

  26. Gail, this is precious! Your copy cat is better than the original! I love the horse! What a great idea!

  27. Wow! Great idea! Looks super.

  28. Love it! I would never have thought of painting the horse, I think my Daughter's is still in the atic, may have to dig it out!

  29. What a neat way to revive an old treasure! Jane


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