Wednesday, October 17, 2012

An Estate Sale

Charlie and I have been to quite a few estate auctions through the years but we had never been to an estate sale until this past Friday.   When we arrived a little early, there were a few people there already.  I overheard a couple of people from the neighborhood talking about what a wonderful man he was and how sad they were that he had passed away. 

Upon entering his home, I started to look around and began to feel sad myself.  I didn’t even know this man but my heart ached that all of his personal things were literally just thrown everywhere.  And when I say everything, I mean everything… truly was a mess!   Charlie caught up with me inside the home and I quietly shared with him how I was feeling and asked him if he was ready to go.  He said he was but there was one thing outside that he was interested in.  It was a set of car ramps.  When we were leaving, I noticed these four wicker plate chargers that were sitting in a box all by themselves. 


Of course, I picked them up and thought to myself….maybe I was meant to buy them because they were the only thing that didn’t seem tarnished.


I know that many of you have been to estate sales.   Are they like that in your area?   I don’t know if they are all like that here or if it just happened to be this particular company that was doing the estate sale.

As always, thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 



  1. I've only been to one estate sale and I had the same feeling. Family portraits were being sold. You would think a family member would want those pictures. It was kind of sad to see what was there.
    The wicker plate chargers are beautiful! I just saw ones like it with two handles.

  2. Depends on who is doing the sale and why. I also go to living estate sales and then you know you are truly assisting someone who is having to move. In either case remember you are helping a family clear out things they are going to have to deal with sooner or later. I have made friends with two estate sale agents here in town that conduct professional well organized sales. On day two all items are reduced. I find many bargains.

  3. Estate sales are always sad in a way. It's nice because so much is for sale, but at the same time, all these strangers are in this person's home, buying all their life's possessions.

    I do love those wicker chargers. Very versatile pieces!

  4. Gail those are pretty chargers! I always feel weird going to estate sales.I don't go to many AT ALL. Going through someones things feels weird.I know I buy used things at thrift stores but it feels different when it is in there home.

  5. I've never seen ones like those before, I bet those are old! I've been to two I think and if I don't know them or their relatives than I'm okay with it. I don't know how I'd feel if I knew them, I agree with Olive that you are helping them clear things out that just might get thrown away. Love those chargers!

  6. I've been to many estate sales. It all depends on who is running the sale as to what is actually being sold. Usually it's the things that are left after the family takes what they want. I've never been to an auction, so I really have nothing to compare to.

  7. It's like when we go antiquing. Where does all the stuff come from that's in these stores. DEAD peoples stuff. I know that sounds creepy but sadly that's the case. Like your chargers, they are unique. Did hubby get the car ramps??

  8. Oh boy the last Estate Sale I was at was pitiful! The daughter was having it and first of all she was late getting there and then when she opened the garage doors (that was where most of the items were), everything was just piled on top of other things. It was a huge mess and the people were crawling over stuff, breaking stuff....we were second to get there, but the people behind us just stated climbing to get to things that caught their eye. Nothing had a price on and the daughter just made it up as she went was a mess. I did get a few things, but not much. I hope I never see anything like that again!

  9. Hi Gail,
    I understand your feelings. Whenever I go to an estate sale I always stop and think about the person who lived there or the things that their families are selling because they don't want. There is a certain sadness to it and unfortunately some of the estate sale companies don't do them very well. I think the person who passed on would probably feel good knowing that their things makes other people happy.


  10. I've never been to an estate sale yet, Gail. I can imagine it must be sad but probably more so after your hearing that conversation about the man that lived there.

  11. I've never been to an estate sale, but I can see where it could make folks feel sad. Kind of makes you wonder why the family is getting rid of their loved one's things. I think it is usually the left over stuff that they don't want to keep...but still sad.

  12. Yes, they can be sad. But the last one I went to the children were doing that..they shared stories about their parents and they were laughing with us, probably helped both of us! I personally could never sit and watch my families things be sold. But then you know me I am too....sentimental!

  13. The ones I have been too are all pretty organized. But no matter what I always have that sadness too.


  14. Estate sales can be very sad so I don't go to many of them. I always have an eerie feeling when going through someone's home. I think it's better to take care of that stuff when one is still alive so other people don't have to deal with it. It's hard on some families to let go too. Glad you found something though. You can think of this man every time you use the chargers and maybe he will smile down upon you.

  15. Wow - you did well with the plate chargers, but I can totally relate to that feeling of sadness. Take care, Laura

  16. All of the estate sales that I have been to have been well-organized, clean and well-attended by the company that was running them. A friend of mine, however, attended one a few months ago and she said it was awful! She said everything, even this poor woman's under garments, were strewn about with no consideration or care. I thought that was awful and so did she. It was the first one she'd attended and she felt like you. Overall, it appeared totally disrespectful to the previous owner. I think that's a shame and the company that was running such a sale obviously shouldn't be in that type of business. I hope that if you attend another estate sale at some point, that it will be held with the former owner's feelings in mind and with the dignity and respect that it should be. Hugs, Leena

  17. I don't think I have even been to an estate sale. I have been to a few sales in my area where the homeowner was elderly and has passed away, leaving her children to dispense with her property. I have gotten some really great vintage items from these sales. It's sad, though, to see that everything is up for sale.
    I love the wicker charges, they're wonderful!
    Hugs, cindy

  18. I've had the same feelings about estate sales. I do still go, but it's usually someone's that I knew. I find some kind of comfort buying something of theirs--to reminds me of them. It still tugs at my heart, though. . .

  19. I've been to a few and remember thinking it seemed kinda weird at first but luckily it was being run by a professional service that really did handle things respectfully. I now follow the estate company on FB and they have many great sales with lot's of photos. I don't get to go to most of them but I can't help but browse through all the photos and always wonder about what the life of these people might have been like. It's hard not to when you see all their collections of stuff. I agree with the others that it is best to remember you are helping them out by taking these things off their hands for money. I tend to steer clear of the neighbors and anyone else who may be shopping disrespectfully too. I love the chargers. I've never seen them with the handles either. Very pretty!

  20. I feel that way many time at estate sales especially when there are beautiful old family photos - I never understood why someone would get rid of history like that though maybe it is because we never received alot of family history in form of pictures.

    I guess family cannot take everything so much dispense it in some way. There have been many that I have gone too that I wished I had known the person as I see the pretty vintage hats and gloves, gorgeous dishes- wonderful linens- a missed opportunity to meet a kindred spirit!

    bee blessed


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