Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh NO Honey, Look What I’ve Done!

I tested a two shade lighter color that I have currently have on the wall now in the living room and I’m really liking it!  


The only problem is liking it this much means that I now have to re-paint the living room, kitchen and hallway because it’s all one open space. 


Honey, you should not have left me to go to work today because if you where here, this probably would not have happened! 

Have a wonderful day, you know what I will be doing….painting!



  1. Looks like you will be painting and Honey will watch.

  2. Oh my, Gail! Are you saying you can't be left alone? : ) You may have mentioned it previously, but what is your existing color?

  3. LOL...that is so funny Gail..can't wait to see it though!

  4. Oh no does your honey have to go to the blog before he comes home to see what is going on? Mine does. I just went totally and absolutely lighter in my house and I love it. Havent posted it yet because I am on line instead of putting everything back together.

  5. Gail it looks like we all have the painting bug!! Can't wait to see it all done, I know it will look beautiful!! Martina

  6. LOL @ the first 'Anonymous' commenter. Gee, I think we all saw that coming! ;)

    I would LOVE to paint my living room another color, but like you, one of the walls runs right into the kitchen. It's such a big job, I just cant bring myself to do it... YET. lol :)

    Love the color you picked.

  7. OH that was a great post, ahem, the Honey one! Way too cute. Enjoy your painting, I'm sure it'll look fabulous!


  8. Gail I'm so glad I'm not the only crazy woman out there...LOL... I like the light color too. I'm sitting here with four sets of roman shades in my living room and I can't pick the one I like. happy painting

    The Shabby Chick

  9. Hi Gail,
    Have fun! I think you are right to paint it a lighter color, you will love the results, I'm sure.
    Hugs, Cindy

  10. FUN! Looks beautiful, already! I think everyone is catching the "lighten and brighten" bug, aren't we? Can't wait to see the reveal. *Becca*

  11. We had our master bath painted last week. Hubby had picked out the color. OH MY SWEET PETUNIAS! It turned out to be NEON YELLOW. It was hideous. I tried to like it but after tossing and turning and not sleeping all night, I called the painter back! He had to paint it all over. In two weeks he's coming back to paint some paneling and I'm dreading it like a toothache! I'd like to paint the whole house but don't think I have the stamina (or the $) for it!!! Good luck with yours.

  12. They should know better...oh well:) Have fun's always worth it!


  13. I don't know if you've gotten into your painting yet or not, but you do NOT have to paint it all even if it's an open space. Pick an in-y or out-y corner and start or stop the new color there. I have hallways in my house where each side is a different color :).


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