Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Moving In

After ten months with my parents home sitting vacant, my sister decided she wanted to make their home of 43 years her home. 

This past November, my sister asked my brother and I how we felt about her buying our parents’ home.  Needless to say, we were both excited that she wanted to do this.  She has since sold her condo and is now in the process of moving in. 

Below are some random pictures of  the dining room and living room.   My sister’s furniture has been placed in the house, but she has asked me to help her with all the finishing touches. 

Working with a color pallet of soft blue and sage green, the plan is to have the kitchen, dining room and living room  flow from one room to the next. 


Working with the existing furniture, plans for the kitchen, dining room and living room are to purchase new window treatments, wall art and accessories. 


A small glimpse of the kitchen. 


The living room. 


The colors in the sofa. 



It makes all of us happy that our parents’ home is still a part of our family.  I’ll be sure to take you on this decorating journey as I transform my parents’ home to my sisters’.

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  1. That is wonderful! I look forward to the decorating journey with you.

  2. Oh what a thrill for your whole family. I can't wait to see you transform it into the perfect place for her. Hugs, Marty

  3. This is so wonderful~ you are able to keep the home in the family! I'm looking forward to seeing how you both work to make it her home!

  4. I love that you are keeping it in the family. You will have so much fun helping her decorate!

  5. That's wonderful, Gail! I'm sure she might have a hard time putting her own touch in the house because she'll be thinking of how your parents always had something, but I hope she will put her own stamp on the place! Good luck to her and have fun decorating! :)

  6. I think that is great! So special to be able to keep your parent's home in your family and to continue building mrmories in it for years to come. I look forward to seeing how you add "Gail's Decorative Touch"!

  7. That is so exciting!! To have family still in your parent's home is priceless! My parents are still in the home I grew up in....47 years now! I always consider that house "home" and it will be a sad day when it has to leave our family. So happy your sister is making a new home in your parent's home.

  8. This is exciting and I'm proud for her! I know your family home will have new life! Can't wait to see it all finished.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. I think that is great that the family homestead will still be in the family and oh how fun to decorate it new!!!

  10. How nice for you to know that your parents home stays in the family and that you can help your sister make it a lovely home just for her. I know you will have it looking very cozy and pretty, very soon, that's something you are good at. Last summer my little sis asked me to help her with her condo that she had just moved into. She followed my advise and is really enjoying the results. Such fun!
    Hugs, Cindy

  11. Oh Gail, I can understand why you are so excited abouat this! Your paren't home is still a part of your life!

    Can't wait to see the transformation! I know it will be divine!!

    Lou Cinda

  12. Good for her and to keep the home in the family is a huge blessing. Ya'll have fun decorating♥

  13. How wonderful!

    Sometimes, it's hard to see the changes ppl make to the home you created so many memories in. My aunt bought my grandparents home, and tore it up side down.... It's hard to see it now, because it's just so different. I just have to remind myself that even though we all made so many memories there, and its a place that reminds me of my grandparents, its now her home and she has every right to make changes. It was kind of hard to come to terms with that!

    Im so glad that you are able to keep this property in the family.


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