Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thrifting Not So Thrifty

Correct me if I’m wrong but I was under the impression that a thrift store was place  where you could shop  for affordable items. 

This past year, I noticed an increase in thrift store  prices in our area.  Just the other day, I was in a thrift store and  I couldn’t believe how much prices had increased within the last few months.    Some of the items you could  buy new for what they wanted for used!  

It breaks my heart because there are people that shop at thrift stores because they can’t afford to buy new and now they can’t even afford the prices in thrift stores. 

With all that being said, I love a good bargain and I was fortunate to find a couple of items at the thrift store prices I used to see.  

A  silver tray for $1 and  a cheese dome for $3.



Have thrift store prices increased in your area?  

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  1. I agree with you.. I noticed it here in middle NC last oct. .. all of a sudden prices at my usual haunts, changed. I even asked the managers of the stores if someone new had been hired.. I also told them whoever was doing the pricing now was way off base. You're absolutey correct about the fact that while some of us are just looking for a new treasure at a bargain, Most of the folks who shop there are doing so becuase thats the only way they can afford to have some of the items they need or want..
    thanks for the post.. it needed to be said..

  2. The Prices are my local GW seem way higher then what I see others are paying for things at other GW's in other parts of the country or other parts of cincinnati for that matter. I have brought it up and they just look at you like, if you dont like it,well leave. UGH, very frustrating. Sue

  3. You are so right on that Gail. Our local thrift shop is is sad. However some days you can luck out, just like you did!

  4. Our Goodwill is way too expensive. We have 2 other thrift stores that are ok so far.

  5. I noticed that myself last year at our Goodwill. I would laugh when I would see something that I could get at Home Goods for the same price. My thoughts were the same as yours, Gail ~ people who really need the break shop there and they're not getting much of a break with some of these prices. I won't buy something if I know I can get it new at Target or Home Goods. Their glass candleholders cost more than the new ones from the dollar store! I guess it's just like everything else nowadays, you gotta shop around, even if it's thrift stores.

  6. Hello my friend,
    Our Value Village has always had the highest prices of all of our thrift stores. A fairly new dress that I liked the other day was priced at $17.99, I just could not bring myself to pay that. It was USED for gracious sakes!
    I like what you did find, though, I'm glad you found them.
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. Gail, I went to a new thrift store a couple of weeks ago and it was more like antique prices than thrift prices. I left. Love your silver tray.

  8. I agree with you and the others, prices have definitely gone up. I used to have a wonderful place I shopped at a lot....good prices, close to the past few months they have increased their prices significantly.
    I'm glad you found some nice things at a good price!

  9. Sad but true! I'm in NC and the few thrift stores I go to have all increased their prices. My area Craigslist is what's really crazy.

  10. It's the same way in our area too.

    I "borrowed" your chalkboard rooster idea that you posted about a while bck. I gave you credit for the idea on my blog. Check it out if you get a chance. He's not finished yet. The weather won't cut me any slack so that I can get him outside to be painted! LOL!

  11. I can get some great deals, but have noticed that the stores are buying more new items from stores and those items are more expensive...but still cheaper than the big box stores...

  12. Yes I've noticed it around our area also. In fact, they have the old price tags on them and sometimes they don't cover them up and put the new ones on it. If they don't give it to me at the lower price, I tell them to keep it. I've basically stopped going very much now because of the larger hikes. It makes me sad :(

  13. I couldnt' agree more! I live in Maine, and the prices actually vary from Goodwill to Goodwill depending on where you are in the state. Does that make sense?? I have often had to ask myself, do i pay an extra 2.00 and buy it new??? Yeah, the answer is usually yes! Great post and love the tray!

  14. Yep, I've noticed it here in Indy as well. Mostly at I rarely even go in there anymore.

    I shop Salvation Army mostly now...they still have great prices in my area, along with the Disabled Vets and one associated with the local homeless shelter (which I love, because they are very restrained with how much they put out at a time and they clean everything the proceeds are helping a cause close to my heart!)

  15. Yes, they are on to us! More of us are shopping in thrifts to save, recycle, resell...I've definitely been disappointed in prices.

  16. Our goodwill here in town has raised their prices. There were dollar tree plastic trinkets for sale for a dollar and were used. I won't shop there anymore.
    I haven't visited many second hand shops lately for the same reason.

  17. YES!! Clothing prices seem to hold OK - but household goods prices can get ridiculous.

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  19. Hi Gail,
    Wow, you have exquisite taste--your creations are gorgeous!! Here in New Orleans, everyone lost everything, so I don't see anything in Thrift stores except baby clothes...Not great for repurposing projects, is it? I'm hoping they get some stores like that soon.

  20. I have noticed that pricing going up also...esp. in Goodwills.


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