Monday, January 24, 2011

Settling In

My sister Jenny  is settling into her new home a week after moving in.  This past weekend,  I helped her with some interior decorating.    Let me share with you what I’ve done so far. 

Below is a before picture of the entertainment center in her living room.015

And this is an after picture.    My sister loves to golf.  She has quite a collection of all things golf.  So you will see it scattered here and there throughout as I incorporated it within the design scheme.       


I hung new window treatments in the living room.   I LOVE this shade of blue.  I purchased the window treatments at Lowes and so far they have been the biggest expense. 


Another before of  the living room.


And the after.


Moving into the dining room, pictured below is a before.


And now the after.   


New window treatments were hung in the dining room as well.  I purchased  them at our beloved Wal-Mart!  They were being discontinued so I got them at an awesome price.   


There’s still more work to be done, but as I go along I will share it with all of you.

Thanks for stopping by and may your day be filled with all the happiness it can hold. 


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  1. I love all of your "Gail" touches! You've really helped your sister create a beautiful "home" ... the iron piece looks great by the armoire, and I love the family photos! And, blue/white checked panels are a great addition in the dining area, too!

  2. What an amazing transformation!!~ Your sister must be THRILLED to say the least. She is lucky to have such a talented sister too. Great job Miss Gail..can't wait to see more!

  3. Dearest Gail, You really do have a decorative touch. Your sister's place is looking cozy and very updated. The window treatments are really nice, I love both sets!
    I have tried to help my sister update her decor and furniture and she has gone along with some of my ideas, but she doesn't care for all of my ideas. I guess you have to tread carefully as you suggest what should go and what should stay. I love the chance to help someone and I'm sure you are loving it, too!
    Hugs, Cindy

  4. It is coming along so nicely!! That just sounds like so much fun! By chance, is that pictures of your parents on the wall in the living room? I thought maybe from they were taken from a while back. Just thought if they were, what a wonderful tribute to their home!!

  5. It looks Great! Everything is so homey and cozy now! Your Sister must be so happy. Blessings <3 Paula

  6. You've done a wonderful job...
    It's simply beautiful.

  7. Wow, what a transformation! Everything looks fantastic! I bet your sister is just beside herself with pride (and so thankful to have such a talented and giving sister!)

  8. I want a decorator for a sister! BTW, I have your sister's dining room chandelier in my dining room.


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