Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our Furry Family Members

Debbie @ Debbiedoo’s is hosting a Share Your Pet Party and  I’m joining in with Our Furry Family Members.   

Eleven years ago, my daughter Lauren, talked me into getting a Jack Russell puppy.  I had never really wanted to have a pet, especially in  the house.  But when Lauren brought Duncan home, little did I know he was there to stay not only in my house but also in my heart.  He was a frisky puppy and was that way up until a couple of years ago. 

Picture 008 (2) 

When Duncan was about three years old, we adopted two cats,  Lilly and Thunder. 

Image002 (2)

It was a good thing that the cats had already been living outside because when they met Duncan, it was like oil and water.  The first few years together, Duncan would chase the cats around the yard.  Finally, either age caught up with Duncan or he had just gotten tired of chasing the cats.  I can’t say that they are best friends, but they act more like distant neighbors.    During the last couple of winters, Lilly and Thunder have spent their nights in our garage to get out from the cold. 

I have to say that all our little furry friends love to be around people and they love to cuddle. 




This past fall, Duncan was diagnosed with Diabetes.    After many trips to the Vet and experimenting with his insulin shots, he seems to be doing better now.   Since September he has lost 13 pounds and has adjusted to eating diet dog food.  


Our carrying for our pets has changed over the years, but our love for them has only deepened.

Thanks Debbie for hosting. 



  1. Awww...I love your story. Duncan is a sweetie, as are the kitty cats too. I am glad Duncan's diabetes is under control. I guess you never think of a dog having that disease, but of course they can just like us. He is a cutie, and so lucky to have a wonderful loving home. Thanks for sharing a huge piece of your heart with us.

  2. Duncan is a sweetie. Bless his heart as he is on insulin. It is wonderful you take such great care of him. The cats are darling.

  3. Aww...they are all three so cute. Great names too. I love the energy of a Jack. Had a friend with two of them. They tied a soccer ball to the ceiling in their garage on a rope. Their male Jack named Bill would run, jump, latch onto the ball and hang and shake like he was killing it! It was hysterical.

  4. They are cute and a Jack Russell has loads of energy. I would have been worn out.

  5. How sweet all your fur babies are! It's amazing how they become true family members in such a short amount of time, isn't it?

  6. Hi Gail, I found you at Debbie's what bunch of sweet babies!!! Love your blog I am your newest follower. This has been so much fun, can't wait to read more of your posts.


  7. Awww, what sweet pets you have!! Duncan is precious.

  8. Very cute! I love how you described the relationship between your cats and the dog! LOL! Glad you are getting Duncans diabetes under control! I hope he continues to do well!

  9. Duncan is so cute and I love those cats also!

  10. Aw, your pets are adorable...and I glad Duncan is doing well now!

  11. Aw, Duncan is adorable! And of course I love the kitties family calls me the 'crazy cat lady'. LOL

    My parents have THREE Jack Russels!! That is a crazy household. :)

  12. oh, what a great sentiment-our love for them has only deepened. absolutely! your sweet animals are so adorable, and they are surely life enhancing. i know that my sweet cat enhances mine! glad to hear duncan is doing well.

  13. Ah, you have some sweet little pets. I have never had a dog, but I love cats, I am terribly allergic to them, though, so I can't have one any longer. I had a Siamese for three years, she was a lot of fun and supplied us with a lot of laughs.
    How is Jordan doing? Did he have a good time at home? Was he shipped back to Afghanistan? Or is he on home turf at least? I think Brian should be back on home turf some time this Spring. Thanks for praying for him, funny how praying for your boy causes me to feel like I know you better.
    Hugs, Cindy

  14. They are all so adorable. Duncan looks so sweet. Glad he's adjusting well to his diabetes regimen.

  15. Love the pics of the kids and the pets together ... so cute! I'm glad that Duncan is doing better ... it's so scary when they get sick, because they can't tell you how they feel ... and they just look at you with those big eyes that seem to say "help me feel better" ... and what a relief it is when they start to act like their old selves again!

  16. beautiful pets. Glad Duncan is getting better.


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