Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What A Mess!

Take a look at my office001

I would like to blame my grandsons for this mess.  But I can’t.  I would love to blame my husband for this mess.  But it is mine.  I think I’ll blame the dog! 

Do you make a mess like I do?


“I am seeking”

I am striving

I am in it with all my heart”

                                                                    Vincent Van Gogh


  1. I am a huge mess maker, I think I have adult ADD and I start one project and then get involved with another, and Bamm, we have a mess! UGGHHH I would love a cleaing lady, maybe in another life! Sue

  2. LOL, that is what my spare bedroom looked like. You will get it done.

  3. I am laughing as I read this, my kitchen eating area was a terrible mess one day. The only way to have change of any kind is to make a mess and out of that comes sanity. At least it did for me, I sure hope it does for you, too.
    Still praying for Jordan,
    Hugs, Cindy

  4. If you could only see my studio right now you would have your answer!! I keep thinking I'm going to clean it up but I get so overwhelmed when I walk in there that I give up and walk out. Luckily it's in a spare bedroom at the back of the house...nobody sees it but me.

  5. My guestroom is a MESS:) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


  6. Creative chaos sounds much better:-)
    My workroom can beat up your office. Doesn't matter as long as it has a door to shut. Best, Vicki

  7. OH yes, Gail...I definitely have my messy areas...

  8. Lol.... well of course we do :) I have 2 rooms that are getting pretty bad with all the crafts items and wedding stuff we're getting ready for so YES :)

  9. YES! When I'm making something my area is a mess. My office also usually has a counter piled up with stuff that needs to be put away. When it doesn't fit on the counter, I use the top of the dog crate next to it! lol

  10. Oh yeah. I'm a mess maker too. Office space seem to be the hardest thing for me to keep clean. It just means we are creative! ;)

  11. I make HUGE messes! I show them every once in awhile...but usually I leave them behind the scenes. LOL

    I haven't revealed my office/craft room for a reason. ;)

  12. I am new to your blog but enjoy it a lot. I too love the name Granny best of all the names I've been called. It was your office that I looked at because I just this minute cleaned mine having over the last week tossed all Christmas related items from all over our 1800 foot townhouse into my 8 x 10 office. Finally sorted it all out today, clean as a whistle for a minute or two. You will get your's done too. I'll send prayers from the west coast of Canada for your boy in Afghanistan. Cheers Granny Barby


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