Friday, January 27, 2012


I have three projects going on at one time and they ALL involve painting.  


The china cabinet in the garage is painted.  But I still have to do the “wax on wax off” which I think is the hardest part, at least for me anyway.

Because there is heat in the garage.  This is my source of heat…..


yep…..the gas grill! 

And then this.


I’m repainting the china cabinet and a chair in one of the guest rooms using Rosemary’s technique at Villabarnes called Gesso Wash.


And then my plans are to reupholster the chair using this fabric and trim.  


Will I make my deadline for my January project goal list?  These three projects are the only ones I have left for January.   I have five more days.  Actually, I only have four days left to work on them because tomorrow we will be celebrating my husband’s and my youngest grandson’s birthday!  It’s so hard to believe that three years ago tomorrow Charlie and I were sitting here.

jaxson 004

Waiting for this sweet little bundle of joy.


What a special birthday gift Charlie received three years ago……the birth of our third grandson!

As always, thanks for your visit and enjoy your weekend!  You know what I’ll be doing this weekend. 



  1. Happy Birthday to your hubby, and grandson. Thanks for the shout out, Gail. Looking forward to seeing how your projects turn out. Knowing you, I know they will be gorgeous.

  2. Gail I can hardly wait to see these projects finished they are going to look FABULOUS!! Happy Birthday to your hubby and grandson!

  3. Oh what fun projects. Now I never thought of using the grill go warm things up. What a super idea. Happy BD to both of your guys. Hugs, Marty

  4. Well A Very Happy Birthday to Charlie and Jaxson!! You always Amaze me with your projects!! Can't wait to see how they turn out!! Love Me XOXOX

  5. Um, you're crazy! But they look great! Especially like the colors you've chosen for paint! I never seem to have the guts to just "do it" when it comes to painting furniture....maybe because it just seems like such a big project?

  6. Happy Birthday to all! WOW girl you are busy busy busy. I laughed at your heat source. Throw on a steak while you are waiting for the paint to dry LOL. Have a great weekend.

  7. And here I am moaning and groaning about my muscles from doing my one dresser, Gail! : ) I agree, the waxing can be the most time consuming part. I am never happy with the dark wax as I first apply it no matter how I try to keep a light hand. Although, I have gotten better as I go along with each piece. I can't wait to see these pieces done and I know that chair is going to look fabulous! I still need to do the mirror I want to put over the dresser, which I think I can get done Sunday or Monday. It will get the same treatment that I've done to my dresser.

  8. You are busy and I am most definitely an under achiever...wink.

  9. You give that cute guy a birthday pinch for me. You're little grandson too!


  10. Wow, you have a lot of projects going on...I'm looking forward to seeing the finished products!

  11. I have some projects I should be doing.......but lets change the subject--hope the kiddie has a happy birthday--the picture is wonderful

  12. You are one busy lady and sound just like me! Hubs is glad I finished up a few though this week!:)

  13. Looks like you are doing alot! I am sure when your done it will all look great. Hope everyone has a great birthday!

  14. Hi Gail! Whew! I'm tired with all you've been doing! Love the look of your red cabinet. Have a great birthday party!! :)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. Yes, you are crazzzzzy! But then so am I, so join the club! I have one almost finished and two more that I want to work on tomorrow night and Monday. This is my year to refinish my furniture, I guess, because that is all I can think of. I love both pieces that you are painting, I can't wait to see them finished!
    Hugs, cindy

  16. You do have your plate full! Have a great time at the birthday party.
    Happy Birthday to your hubby and grandchild!

  17. You sure do have your plate full, don't you? I look forward to seeing all of your projects! And, happy birthday to your precious grandbaby!

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the fellas! Although I love the pieces you're painting, I'm glad it's you instead of me. I do hate to paint, especially furniture! Somehow my painting jobs always turn out very amateurish! But I do have some projects I need to get busy on...thanks for the nudge!


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